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Shoppable® Merchant Application

Become a Shoppable® Merchant:

Shoppable merchants increase the reach of their products beyond their own stores and enable their products to be purchased almost anywhere they appear online. Consumers can shop your products at the point of inspiration rather than being redirected on a consumer journey that they may not complete.

Key Benefits


Completely Free!

No monthly fees, no upcharges.
Only pay a commission on orders Shoppable sends you.


Frictionless Conversion

Shoppable's checkout can streamline conversion from the average 16 clicks to as little as 2 clicks


Increased Revenue

Shoppable creates additional sales channels that will complement your current channels


Easy Integration

Shoppable integration is quick and easy. For most retailers integration only takes 5 mins to set up.

Pinterest Partner

Easy integration with our platform partners


About Shoppable®

Shoppable enables publishers and others to monetize their content without acquiring inventory, or sacrificing engagement by redirecting user traffic to other sites.

Shoppable’s patented Universal Checkout technology can empower any website with eCommerce functionality. Our checkout technology gives consumers a choice of retailers that will process and complete their orders.

Websites powered by Shoppable monetize their content by receiving commissions when products are purchased on their site, and Shoppable® Merchants benefit from the increased reach and sales of their products.

Reasons you should sign up now:

Your Competition

Bypass the competition and reach your target audience at the point of inspiration and convert them with Shoppable content. 54% of product searches begin on Amazon and appearing in pole position on the search result page can be very expensive.


Essential Innovation

The need to innovate has never been more important. 2020 has proven that it is critical to have an omni-channel strategy with emphasis on digital and a plan to engage consumers at all opportunities to grow revenue, brand recognition and customer loyalty.


Consumer Behavior

Consumers have more choice and distractions than ever before sparking the need for "Buy Now" technology. Brands need to evolve their strategy to serve their products to consumers instead of yanking consumers away from entertainment to their store.

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